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Henry Fuckit Leaves the Womb

Part One of The Life of Henry Fuckit

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Raised by three of the brightest minds of the century (only a little deranged), Henry O'Riley grows up at a private lunatic asylum deep in the African bushveld. Deciding that life is merely a pastime and not worthy of serious commitment, young Henry decides to take pleasure dabbling in and absorbing all the experiences life throws at him. Bold, vigorous and full of physical and mental energy, Henry prepares to let the world unleash itself upon him. He changes his name to Henry Fuckit, to ward off the genteel and the pompous, along with all their baggage. Henry Leaves the Womb, dealing with Henry's first 18 years, is part one of The Life of Henry Fuckit 1950-2015”, author Ian Martin's autobiographical magnum opus.



Genre: fiction/autobiographical

Length: 26 pages

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